The Bad Movie Night Game

Came up with a very simple game last night to enhance the Bad Movie Night experience.

You will need:

  • One or more friends.
  • Several slips of paper
  • Writing implements
  • A terrible, terrible movie.
  • Your recreational adult beverage of choice

Before the movie begins, read the synopsis of the movie to the players. (Netflix is great for this, or pull up the IMDB summary)  Then, each player takes three slips of paper, and makes predictions about scenes or actions that will take place in the movie.  Predictions are worth either one, two, or three points, depending on specificity.  (Note:  The word “specificity” is very hard to say once you’ve had a few recreational adult beverages.)

Scoring is as follows:

General Prediction:  1 point.  Examples:  “Impact tremors”, “A misunderstanding with the authorities”, “Bermuda Triangle mentioned”, or “Medical minds are boggled”.

Specific Prediction:  2 points. Examples:  “Uneasy truce between enemies to fight dinosaurs”, “Cultural/temporal divide mended by sharing booze or drugs”, “Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance”, or “Hero outruns a sports car”.

Hilariously Specific Prediction:  3 points.  Examples:  “Gross misrepresentation of one of Einstein’s relativistic effects in an exposition.”, “A character delivers the line, ‘But that’s impossible!'”, or “Two groups run in to each other, each running from a different danger.”

Begin the movie!  Whenever any of your predictions come true, proudly and boisterously reveal your slip of paper, read your prediction, and everyone drinks.  At the end of the movie, count up points, squabble briefly about the very loose distinction between 1, 2, and 3 point predictions, crown someone the King or Queen of this particular bad movie, and repeat as necessary.

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  1. Is it okay to post part of this on my page if I post a reference to this webpage?

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