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GDC Online 2011

ShareGreetings to all who have found from my presentation at GDC Austin.  As promised, here’s my slides. Why We Buy – PDF  

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The Small Stuff

ShareSo here’s the situation:  You’re the design lead on a project, and someone on your team very passionately disagrees with you on a small detail.  That detail happens to be one you care about, but probably won’t make a major … Continue reading

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Design for Small Teams

ShareThere is no right way to be a designer in the abstract, just as there are no good designs in the abstract.  Context is everything.  Today, I’m going to discuss one particular context – the role of the designer on … Continue reading

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Why Everything Makes You Better At Everything

ShareI’m going to be building in this article off of an excellent video by my friends over at Extra Credits.  I can recommend their videos highly in general, but this one in particular.  This one made me jump out of … Continue reading

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In Defense of Button Mashing

ShareI suspect that most serious gamers have their secret shame game.  Maybe you’re a competitive Magic player who plays CityVille when nobody’s looking.  Or a serious boardgamer who busts out Wii bowling when game night is over.  We care about … Continue reading

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How To Run A Meeting That Doesn’t Suck

ShareYou want to be a game designer?  There will be meetings.  Oh yes, there will be meetings. The chief job of the game designer is communication.  It is often convenient and useful to communicate or discuss something amongst a group … Continue reading

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How To Rock Any Design Interview – Part 1

ShareInterviewing for creative positions is kind of bizarre.  You’re being asked to demonstrate in less than a day that you have a creative drive that will hold up for months or years.  Game design positions are especially troublesome, since as … Continue reading

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Sharpness +1

ShareI am absolutely fascinated by this video.  For one, I’m amazed that someone decided to ask the question, “What Do Game Developers Look Like” of a bunch of Russian women.  But I’m equally fascinated by the answers. Let’s face it, … Continue reading

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The Bad Movie Night Game

ShareCame up with a very simple game last night to enhance the Bad Movie Night experience. You will need: One or more friends. Several slips of paper Writing implements A terrible, terrible movie. Your recreational adult beverage of choice Before … Continue reading

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The Most Important Game I’ve Ever Played

ShareRight now, go to the Steam store, and spend ten dollars on Fate of the World. Why do we make games?  Why do we play them?  More complicated questions than I’m going to fully plumb in this piece, but I … Continue reading

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